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Ms FFB2 Pulls to the right

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After the last update, MS FFB2 pulls to the right. Only happens with this module.

Have deleted config and let the game generate a new one, but whenever I add Roll axis it gets extra input. Have other modules and none of them are affected.


Is this update or any suggestions on what else should I try. As I said, other modules works, no pulling and good FFB

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I do have exactly the same problem. After the last update and only after it aircraft is not flyable anymore. It rolls hard right all the time.


NosTr4D4m described the issue perfectly. It only happens with this module, it will happen with T/O trim set or not set.. while you do start ramp or fly directly in the air.


Swapping axis will not -and is not.. I tried :) - going to fix that bug which is a new and real one.

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The bug is obvious when you try a flight, put the game on pause mode and go to the commands menu.


With the game in Pause and not touching the joystick you can clearly see the difference between the input of the A10 :






And any other module (same behaviour for all the other ones), in that case M2000C :







Last patch have introduced a hard right trim while the joy is in neutral position.

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This issue is not just related to a MS FFB2, it occurs with my TM HOTAS as well. I posted this on another thread last week as in:


I've noticed for quite a while that the A-10 always 'leans' to the right (only), both rolling down the runway during takeoff as well as in regular flight. During takeoff I always need a little pressure on my left rudder pedal regardless of wind. That's an understandable issue, does not relate to loadout but I can easily trim to compensate once in flight.

However, very recently since my last updates this month (Dec'17), I find that it's not just leaning' but almost rolling/dipping to the right directly after takeoff, and requires immediate and significant control stick correction. It 'feels' like the right wing stations are fully loaded while the left is empty. It is NOT a rudder control or a trim issue. I always reset trim when activating SAS in startup AND also it is part of my pre-takeoff routine along with flaps and speedbrake checks on the runway apron before requesting takoff.

After making this immediate control stick correction at wheels up, the aircraft settles in and flies without any further, abnormal issues. This is not consistent, doesn't happen every flight or mission, is not dependent on wind direction or speed, it's just a sobering 'whoa sh?t' moment that I've not experienced in the past.


I've just updated again earlier this week and it is still there, and as I said above it is not consistent. Happens about 1 out of 5 takeoffs....and disappears in flight.....in my case.

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I've been experiencing similar, although I use a TMW and CH pedals rather than a FFB stick.


I originally posted in the Input / Output forum on this:




Today I found some time to do a bit more research into this.


Every time I use the DCS 2, Instant Mission Nevada Take Off I get the roll to the right just as I get airborne. Also, I'm finding that I need nearly full aft stick to rotate.


I then tried creating a mission lined up on the runway from scratch. 2 things I noticed - only slight rudder inputs required during take off roll and no immediate roll to the right as I get airborne.


This makes me think it might be an issue with the default instant mission files.

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How did you guys have it fixed?? I've been facing this same issue with MS FFB2 and DCS F-14.. Thanks.


Microsoft didn't follow their own direct input API when making the MSFFB 2 and it's x-axis force acts on the y-axis and vice versa.


When using a MSFFB 2 stick in DCS you need to swap the Force Axis in "FF Tune".




Otherwise pushing the stick forward will cause a "centering" force that pushes to the side (rather than to the center) and trimimg up will move the physical stick to the left, etc.


You can check axis and trim position in game using the controls indicator ("RCtrl+Enter") and check if your physical stick matches.

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