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EDTracker pro drifts back to center?


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I picked up an ED tracker as I was looking for a smaller, portable alternative to Trackir with its webcam and fragile trackclip and the EDtracker seemed like a great option as just a small box mounted to the headset.


The problem I'm facing is that its unusable, if I turn my head in a direction the view will follow, but then slowly drift back to center, completely messing up my view when I return my physical head back to a central position.


I've tried calibrating several times, I've tried moving the tracker away from my headset (I'd read that metal in the headset can interfere with the magnetic sensors) and this drifting still persists.


I should also note that this applies to all games and the EDTRacker software aswell, not just DCS.


Anyone know how to deal with this?


EDIT: After checking the EDtracker support page and about 10 minutes of trial and error, I was able to get a good calibration but it looks like the metal in my headset band is interfering afterall. So not really sure how to proceed from here. perhaps fashioning some kind of spacer, but how much space is needed? an inch? 5 inches?

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