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A-10C Special Livery (Red Devil 100th Anniversary)

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Awesome as always Texac!!! thanks for your work!!:thumbup:


Btw, have no idea what the symbols mean, sorry pal...also wonder how people search all labels/decals for the skins, maybe they do them by hand?¿?¿?


In my case I can't do this one by hand if I don't have an exact replication of it. You can simply search for their squadron names or designations (107th Fighter Squadron, Red Devils) on the internet and you get your decal.


However I wouldn't do it by hand itself and simply copy and paste it and adjust it for a acceptable quality.

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Hey, Texac,


Have you already visited this website? If not, you will find a few more detailed pictures. Hopefully it helps you a little.




Thank you for that beautiful skin!:)


Didn't know about this side before. Thank you very much KIZIR for the link!



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Posted (edited)

The skin has been updated today to fit onto the new A-10C II Tank Killer module.


Next to the old A-10C skin, a new separate skin has been added for the A-10C II. So you will download both now.


Minor improvements are made for both versions.


I'm planning to "revamp" the RoughMet textures to greatly enhance detail over the current standard textures.



Edited by Texac
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