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Video: Samsung Odyssey in DCS World 1.5


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Well, I was finally able to pry myself away from the Odyssey long enough to upload a video.


This is just a quick video showing off the tracking quality of the Windows Mixed Reality HMD. This was recorded from the preview shown on the 2D monitor. It is lower quality and frame rate than what is seen in the HMD. It also looks a little jumpy, that was NOT the case in the VR headset, it is very smooth and accurate. :thumbup:


This is running on an i5-3570 at 4.1 Ghz with 16GB DDR3, and a GTX 970. This quickstart mission ran mostly at 45-60 fps jumping to 90 every now and then (only when looking straight up). This isn't my computer, my i7 920 is too old and won't even run Windows MR, so time to upgrade. I didn't have rudder pedals and was on a cheap joystick with unfamiliar controls mapped, so cut me some slack on the flying. I was so impressed with the tracking that I followed the enemy plane in. :joystick:


The VR headset has a better quality picture and better tracking than the Rift. As you can see, I can look in any direction and still move around positionally without worry of staying in view of a camera. :thumbup:


Spotting is better than the Rift, I can see my AIM 120s all the way until they hit the target. With the Rift in the A-10C Hard Quickstart (1.5) I can barely make out the trucks at the first waypoint and can't see the AAA. In the Odyssey, I can see the trucks no problem and barely make out the 2 AAA encampments next to them.


Huds are clear but some gauges and MFCD text require a little leaning in. I may still return it and wait for the other Gen 1.5/2.0 offerings that are launching soon. I like the sound of the Pimax's 200 degree FOV With dual 4K screens but their costs won't even be close.

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Can you grab some pictures from the inside of the HMD?

I'm curious to see how ligible the instruments are.

Bonus for visble bogeys.

Thx :D :music_whistling:


Sorry, I just got home from my brother's house. My i7 920 at 3.65 GHz doesn't have the AVX instruction set and it won't let me run it, the stupid thing is that it is only needed for the controllers, and I don't use them. I may run down to Microcenter and build me an i5-8600k tomorrow but I doubt it.

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