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SATAL 2018

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Thanks Moltar and Aleks for a great stream. Good show by all 59th Ravens pilot. You guys are progressing really fast and doing really well. Keep it up. The credit for this win goes to Pops who was our GCI & my boys who did great under a lot of stress. Good show boys.


№15 | Verticle Charlie

Commanding Officer

No. 15 " Battle Axes "

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Great fight TAW! That was one of our toughest and most tense fights to date.




Special thanks to Microvax and Yorzor for streaming and commentating. I'm looking forward to watching it later:)


Next week SF vs InSky.


64th "Scorpions" Aggressor Squadron

Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron


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I got excited, I had an email saying this was happening. Then nothing on the channel. I can't even watch old videos. Considering it's not 1300z on Saturday yet I suppose someone jumped the gun.


That was my fault. Was testing some stuff for tomorrows stream and forgot to change which channel I was streaming to.


If you want to watch the older videos they are on the Youtube channel.



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Here are the dates and times that will be used for the end of the year tournament. You can get a decent idea currently of when you will be flying based on your current position in the SATAL league brackets. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Tie breakers are as follows...


1) K/D

2) Rounds lost


A defined schedule with seeding will be posted on September 15 once the league has completed.


1)A3 vs B4 (Oct 6 @ 1500z) ---> 3)Winner vs B2 (Oct 13 @ 1500z) ---> 5)Winner vs A1 (Oct 20 @ 1500z)

2)B3 vs A4 (Oct 6 @ 1800z) ---> 4)Winner vs A2 (Oct 13 # 1800z) ---> 6)Winner vs B1 (Oct 20 @ 1800z)


Match 7 will be 3rd place playoff (Oct 27 @ 1500z)


Match 8 will be the Final (Oct 27 @ 1800z)

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