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*** AI J-35 Draken AI coming to DCS World!! ***

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is proud to announce the addition of a FREE for all AI J-35 Draken for DCS World!


As part of our commitment to fill our products to the brim with content and value that increases your immersion both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer and give you a variety of options for authentic mission creation, the J-35 Draken will be the first major addition by Heatblur for DCS AJS 37 Viggen!


The art team has been busy with recreating this classic aircraft to the quality you expect of Heatblur. We’ve approached the creation of this project in the same way as we approach the creation of our full fidelity, flyable modules - and have utilized all of our latest techniques in achieving a perfect reproduction of the Draken’s iconic shape and characteristics.


Our draken will include authentic weaponry and will span across various eras and variants of the aircraft. As an AI aircraft, it will be a perfect addition to missions and campaigns, and serve as an immersive escort or authentic opponent for Heatblur and community mission content. Once it is complete, it will be available across all maps and versions of DCS as part of the base DCS World game regardless of whether you own the AJS 37 or not!


The Saab 35 Draken ("Dragon") is a single-engine supersonic fighter from the 2nd generation. Its first maiden flight was way back in October 1955, and it has been operated by countries across Europe - including Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Austria.


For now, the inclusion of the Draken is limited to an AI aircraft; but we have always considered the Draken to be a prime addition to our high fidelity roadmap, and hope to make it a reality at some point!


Thanks for sticking with us!

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Nicholas Dackard


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This should be a full fidelity project, skip AI and bring it to DCS level... Please. 🙂

1. HB has to produce the Draken. Flyable. Now. 2. Some company has to produce Northern Area map (Norway, Sweden, Finnland, ...)   Otherwise, I could never be happy again.  

The best Draken skin and environment evvaaaaa! 🙂

One of the most interesting fighter shapes ever.


Thanks for sharing

" You must think in russian.."



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Great Work


And the JA-37 Viggen AI initially planned continue into the "roadmap". We can see other Sweden equipment and units? ground, sea and air units can coming in the future?

More news to the front

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Great news Nick! The presence of this ac can improve dramatically the feel of the right ambient(along a possible Scandinavian theater:P), since the Draken coexisted with the Viggen for several years before being dismissed.

Another *small* request...Considering some minimal differences, could you possible include all export variants too, like F/RF-35XD, J-35XS, J-35OE?










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Thanks a lot ... hope you do proceed to develop a player-capable module based on it on the near future, I cant seem to get enough aircrafts for DCS :)


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Oh man, what a tease that will be, having one of my favorite jets buzz around me. Watch, but cant touch :)

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Thanks, such a nice aircraft hopefully flyable on day.


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i can image there would be ajs37 cockpit + j35 exterior combination soon ;)


Or we could model a decent pit of the J-35 and link it to the J-37 Systems at least untill the Original J-35 comes out in the Future





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Great! :thumbup:


Now I'm sure you know where this thread is going. Flyable when? :music_whistling:

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