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Hornet Mini-Updates


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  • 2 weeks later...

For one of the next updates, correct Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) affect will be included. Now in the internal test version, selection of High or Medium PRF will be a significant impact on target detection.


  • High (HI) PRF will be able to detect targets at longer ranges, but must have a good Vc.
  • Medium (MED) PRF will be better at detecting targets at low Vc values (receding to abeam).
  • The Interleave (INTL) mode will alternate HI and MED bars in the scan.

In addition to antenna elevation, cone shape of the beam, azimuth, and range, this will be another important factor to consider when searching for targets on the radar.


Some other priority items in the cue:


1- AIM-7MH Home On Jam (HOJ) mode

2- A/A Bullseye on radar page indications

3- Radar BRA indication

4- Auto range scale adjustment


6- GBU-10/16/12

7- FPAS page


9- Correct radar lock loss and RTS

10- LTWS



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  • 3 weeks later...

Time for a little update!


Much our Hornet work has been focused on an overhaul of the Hornet radar. As you might imagine, this has been a huge task, but it will be worth it for the Hornet and other aircraft. As of today, it's near impossible to shake a lock with just ownship maneuvers. Now we just need to have the radar RTS after lock loss and MEM mode times out.


We've also started initial tests of the JHMCS in the simulation. The attached image is an image of the HMD at a VERY incomplete state. We are now adding more and more of its symboloy and functions.


MK-82YT Ballute and CBU-100 have been added internally.


Speaking of CBU, the destructive power of anti-armor sub-munitions have been significantly increased, as well as the coverage footprint.


The Flashing X on the radar has been when a person skips turning on the radar during a cold start has been fixed.


Target lock in MPRF against short range, high-aspect targets has been corrected.


AIM-7 HOJ is active development.


New interactive training missions for CASE I recovery, AIM-9, and AIM-120 are now being created.


Locked target HUD symbology jumping around has been addressed.


TCN symboloy on HSI when viewed from a duplicate display has been fixed.


Other items in the near-term cue:



- LGBs

- FPAS page

- Automatic range scale adjustment

- A/A Waypoint, BRA, and Bullseye functions



ATFLIR is also a high priority, but we first need to complete a an all new and improved FLIR rendering system.




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  • 2 weeks later...

As mentioned previously, one of our priority tasks for the Hornet is the introduction of the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS).



This week we passed a key milestone with the completion of basic symbology, display blanking (most of the HMD is not displayed when looking at the HUD), and some of the related DDI pages.


Our next big task for the JHMCS will be AIM-9X integration.


Our intent is to bring the JHMCS to you later this month.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Update time!


As mentioned in a recent newsletter, we are pushing hard for JHMCS with AIM-9X support, Maverick, FPAS page, and corrected A/A antenna logic after undesignated button lock release. All is looking good, but the AGM-65F and G versions will unfortunately not be ready until next month.


We, for the most part, have four guys working on Hornet systems and here is what they are working on:

1- JHMCS. Afterward he moves on to the HARM.

2- AGM-65E. Once done, then AGM-65F and G.

3- A/A radar antenna. When complete, then LTWS.

4- FPAS page. Then after that, then probably “soft lock” IFF or Data Link / SA page.


The Hornet systems team is working full time on the Hornet, but some of the items are complex and take time. No one is slacking off.


Once the Maverick and HARM are fully functional, we’ll start work on the second Hornet mini-campaign.


We have ten new training missions in work that include:

IFR Airfield Approach

Carrier Taxi and Takeoff

Carrier CASE I Recovery

A/A Gun



A/G Gun


CCIP Bombs

CCRP Bombs


You may be saying to yourself, “but Wags, you forgot CASE II,III and AIM-7!” Negative Ghostrider, we need those items to be completed before we can make the training mission for them (full comm for CASE II,III and HOJ mode for the Sparrow).


Supporting tech like the A/G radar (we lost our original engineer on this) and an improved FLIR rendering system are in work and are fundamental to A/G radar implementation and the ATFLIR.


So things are moving forward at a good clip, but this is a very complex product and it will take time.


Thank you for your patience!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey everyone,


I wanted to express my personal apologies for not being able to get the new Hornet features to you next week as originally planned. My foot tastes great thanks! Even a couple of days ago, a hot fix was looking good for 31 October, but in just the past 48 hours we’ve come across too many issues that would bring far more pain than joy if we released those features next week without needed testing. They really need another week in the oven.


Although sincere at the time, I’m sorry for want turned out to be a misleading statement.




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After extenstive testing, the A/A radar break lock errors look to be fixed. A side-benefit of the revisited core-antenna logic is that the ACM modes lock much faster now (VACQ in particular). This is planned for release in the next OB update.


JHMCS AIM-9X cueing is also testing well (VR recommended). But display of radar-locked target data to the HMD needs further testing.


FPAS page needs a bit more work on the NAV TO function.


Team is plugging away at the L Mav.


Once I'm happy with the above features, I'll create a new Hornet update video to explain each one.




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Automatic range scale adjustment was added to the internal build today for testing.


Automatic range scale control is enabled when the radar is operating in STT, or if the RSET pushbutton switch is pressed. If the L and S, DT2, or STT target has a valid range and is within the tactical area, then it is used as a range scale control target.


The digital data computer automatically adjusts the range scale so that the furthest range scale control target is displayed at between 40% and 90%of the selected range scale. When the display is expanded about a range resolved L and S target, the digital data computer dynamically adjusts the range scale so that the L and S target range is at the center and the display range limits are that range ±5 nmi.


Automatic range scale control increments and decrements the range scale in STT, but only increments the range scale in TWS. If the range scale is manually adjusted then automatic range scale control is disabled until the RSET pushbutton switch is pressed.

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Coming this week!



In this video we'll take a look at operation of the AGM-65E laser Maverick with use of a JTAC to designate the target.


Attached is a mission to play with this new weapon.

Caucasus FA-18C AGM-65E Maverick Practice.miz

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Tomorrow, Friday, November 9th we plan a hot fix that will include the following for the Hornet:


  • If player uses in-game re-arm window for AGM-65E, they cannot uncage the seeker.
  • After player has fired all AIM-9, AIM-9 boresight reticle remains on HUD for all AA weapons.
  • AIM-9X not working correctly with unlimited weapons options
  • CLIMB logic for the FPAS page.


Other fixes are also in work like radar elevation and continued unlock stuck in an 8-degree scan under some conditions.




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We've been listening, and in one of the next updates we'll be providing the ability to show the JHMCS projection on the left, right, or both eyes when in VR.


While the left and both eye options are not realistic, we are making this available in the Hornet Options / Special tab for those that wish to use this.


Additionally, a lot of work is now focused on the Datalink / SA page. The first big step is creating the two MIDS radios and their interfaces / functions.






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In our next Open Beta, we plan to include the radar ACM mode for the JHMCS and its associated data on the HMD. When viewed outside the cockpit/HUD and pressing forward on the Sensor Control switch, the helmet enters HACQ mode (noted by the dashed reticle). You can think of it as radar boresight mode where the helmet controls the radar search area. Pressing forward more than 800 ms on the Sensor Control switch changes from HACQ 5 nm mile acquisition to LACQ 10 nm acquisition. By moving your FoV to place the HACQ/LACQ dashed-reticle over a target, the radar will lock it up, as long as the target is within radar gimbal limits and the range mode (HACQ/LACQ).



Have fun!



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In case some of you may have missed it, there was a substantial update to the Hornet guide in the last Open Beta update.


Many sections have been updated and several added like JHMCS, laser Maverick, AUTO-bombing mode, AIM-120, Time on Target programming, and others.


You can find it at: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Doc

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For the 5 December 2018 Open Beta, we plan to release 13 new interactive training missions for the Hornet to include:


1- IFR Airfield Landing

2- Carrier Taxi and Takeoff

3- Case I Landing

4- A/A Gun

5- AIM-9L/M

6- AIM-120B/C

7- A/G Gun

8- Rockets

9- CCIP Bombing

10- Manual Bombing

11- AUTO Bombing

12- High Drag Bombing

13- Canister Munitions


Most of these are done, and just waiting on voice overs.


As they are completed, I'll post them as videos to act as an initial test and also to provide a reference in case anyone gets a bit confused.


IFR Airfield Landing



Carrier Taxi and Takeoff



Case I Landing



A/A Gun






For the third set of interactive training missions, I plan:


1- IR Maverick

2- Laser-guided Bombs (JTAC Designation)


4- FPAS Page


There are other lessons I'm waiting to create once the systems are complete like A/A radar and the AIM-7(HOJ mode).

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Maverick Update


In the previous Open Beta, we introduced a very early version of the IR Maverick for the Hornet. In the next Open Beta, we'll release the completed version.


Of note, we will include the AGM-65F and not the AGM-65G. Although we found a couple of official sources that list the AGM-65G as a legacy Hornet weapon, we cannot find any evidence it was ever deployed to the fleet.


So, the Maverick versions for our Hornet will be the laser-guided AGM-65E and the infrared-guided AGM-65F.


I'll create an academic video for the AGM-65F this week to help you prepare.




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For one of the next Open Beta updates we will add the A/A Waypoint (bullseye) along with range and bearing to ownship and TDC from bulls is displayed. This can be set to any waypiont, and you'd want to have one waypoint at the same location as the bullseye set for the mission.


Additionally, the Bearing Range and Altitude (BRA) of the TDC cursor to the player ownship is displayed.


Please see the attached image.


From the HSI/DATA/WYPT sublevel, A/A WP pushbutton (2) can be pressed to have the selected waypoint be the bullseye. When selected, the following happens:


1- The A/A WP legend is boxed.


2- A bullseye symbols will be shown in the tactical region of the AA radar display (RWS, STT, LTWS, and TWS).


3- When the bullseye waypoint is also the selected navigation waypoint, the symbol appears as a diamond with arrow point to north.


4- When the bullseye waypoint is not the selected navigation waypoint, the symbol appears as a circle with arrow point to north.


5- The arrow pointer on the bullseye symbols can point to either true or magnetic north, based on the HSI/DATA/AC sublevel selection.


Bearing and Range of TDC and Ownship from Bullseye Indications


Also note that when bullseye is enabled, that the bearing and distance of the player ownship from the bullseye is displayed in the bottom center radar display.


The bearing and range of the TDC from the bullseye is displayed in the top left portion of the radar display.



BRA Option


From the radar DATA sublevel, the BRA option can be selected (boxed) at pushbutton 19. When enabled, BRA (bearing) / (distance in miles) of from the player to the TDC is displayed in the bottom left tactical area of the display.


BRA 080o / 28


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A busy day! GBU-10, GBU-12, and GBU-16 also became operational today in the internal build. After some more testing, we hope to bring these to an Open Beta soon.


As with the laser-Maverick, we'll initially release these with off-board designation, like a JTAC. Once the ATFLIR is added, then self-designation will be possible.


We will later add the GBU-24, but this requires some additional work as it has some significant differences from GBU-10/12/16.


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What we are primarily working on:


1- Datalink / SA Page / MIDS

2- GBU-10/12/16


4- A/A Waypoint and BRA data

5- Further radar, AGM-65F, and JHMCS debugging

6- DUD cue logic

7- FLIR renderer

8- A/G radar renderer

9- Various systems debugging

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Dear pilots!


Tomorrow we’ll release the AGM-65F (AGM-65D and AGM-65G have been removed to make a more accurate simulation of the USN/USMC legacy Hornet). It will not be at a complete state as we’d hoped, but certainly much more accurate than the current OB version of the D/G. Here are a few notes to help you understand the system to minimize confusion/frustration:



Basic operation:

  • Must be in ARM Master Arm mode and A/G Master Mode.
  • Select MAVF from Stores page and then again for AGM-65F format page.
  • If missions starts from the ground, you must give the seeker time to cool down (seeker) and spin up (gyro), indicated by the TIMING countdown timer.
  • Set TDC to Maverick format page, left sensor control switch (assuming MAFV format on LDDI).
  • HOTAS Cage/Uncage button to cage the seeker to boresight.
  • HOTAS HARM Sequence / FOV / RAID button to toggle seeker field of view. Note: FOV change should only be possible in a non-tracking seeker state.
  • TRACK WHT/BLK should only toggle symbology, NOT seeker polarity. In addition to symbology color, it also will set the seeker to bias locking of white point targets (WHT) or black (BLK). TRACK does NOT indicate seeker tracking state.
  • To slew seeker, you must be pressing down on the TDC while giving slew commands. Note: the team is working on making the slew smoother (also for HUD TDC slew). You can also hold down the ENTER button while entering slew commands of , . / ;
  • To lock a target, slew the crosshairs over a target and release the TDC button. If it cannot lock, the crosshairs will expand to breaklock mode the pointing cross with flash.
  • If a TGT point is set, the seeker will auto-Slave to the location. Once slaved, press the HOTAS undesignate button to allow manual slew.

To Do:

  • Improve slew precision.
  • Adjust Maverick motor burn time, speed, and range.
  • Cage to boresight from slave mode, already fixed internally.


Note: the AGM-65F uses the existing infrared-rendering shaders, not the new one under development.


Test mission attached.


Example (not an F but close) of reference:




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Hi everyone!


This week we plan to migrate the current Open Beta to the Release version. We've put this off for the past two weeks as we worked on some Hornet and other items.


For next week's Open Beta, we plan (not promise):


1- GBU-10, 12, and 16 laser-guided bombs with off-board designation.

2- Bullseye (A/A Waypoint) and BRA indications.

3- Improved IR Maverick axis slew and other Maverick fixes/additions like improved ship attack, longer ship lock ranges, range indications when slaved, and others.

4- Fixed DUD cue.

5- New radar defaults based on SME feedback.

6- Fixed cockpit art like left DDI error.

7- JHMCS updates like look-up reticles.

8- Air show smoke.

9- Fixed ACM HUD mode indications.

10- L&S target heading on attack format.


I'll have some Bulls/BRA and LGB videos coming by the weekend.


In parallel, the team is hard at work on the HARM, datalink (SA page, MIDS, Link-16), FLIR rendering tech, and A/G rendering tech.


All of this will be part of 2.5.4.



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