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Unlimited Weapons/Fuel

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As for the fuel - I don't know, but there's a solution for weapons. One good soul here on the forums found a way, but I don't know where exactly is his post.
I can't reach my DCS PC now, so I'm saying this from memory.
On the bomb panel there's a guarded switch... I THINK it says "BOMB RELEASE" in English cockpit (but I'm using the Russian one, so it's probably СБРОС БОМБ or something).
1. Unguard the switch and keep it unguarded so that you can "reload" weapons as many times as you wish later on.
2. When you're out of ammo, press... "U" (I think it's "U", but check it in "controler assignments") to "release bombs" and then your weapons should magically "replenish" ammo. I guess you may also just "grab" the switch with the mouse and flip it, instead of "U", but I didn't do it that way.

Now... IIRC, there might have been a quirk that non-totally-empty rocket pods wouldn't "replenish", but I can't really remember, I may be wrong about it. If I am NOT wrong though, then you need to shoot all rockets from a specific pod first, and only then "U" will work. I can't remember - I was using unlimited ammo long time ago.
Try it, worked for me 🙂
You may ask "what could bomb release switch have to do with unlimited ammo?" - don't ask me, but it works 🙂


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After some faffin around, got it to work.  I guess it makes sense...  Anyways, the switch is located next to the Payload Profile Selector Switch located on the right side of the cockpit.  The panel is in the windshield.  The switch is the Bomb Release Switch.  Flip the red cover up and either press "U" or click the silver switch under the guard.  I believe the pods need to be empty for this to work.  That is the process that just worked for me.  Thanks for the help.  I would have never figured that out on my own.

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