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When there is no TACAN signal

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I am doing the first mission and am getting jammed up when there is no TACAN signal, do I just go to the heading my wing tells me?


What I typically try to do, is almost hit the TACAN line at a perpendicular angle, then turn into the heading, unless the heading and line are close, then I try to split between the two, so when I do hit the waypoint, they both have merged.


Also I am having an issue where some dials freeze in place, such as my speed (started working when I put flaps to auto), and my altitude... Is this a current bug?


Any and all help is appreciated.



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Yes your technique should work. The F-5E is an older bird so older navigation techniques are needed including Dead Reckoning.


You can use the kneeboard to plot your position and compare it to the flight plan. Once you have flown the route to the range a few times you won't even need to use the TACAN.


Not sure about the dials freezing issue. You might want to post that in the F-5E Module Bugs section.


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I recommend to enter the mission planner from the briefing. There you can easily use the ruler function to readout radial and distance from TPH (for example), which should be usable in the GARTH area (That is where I also lost LSV reception, 90 NM seem to be a tip beyond LSV coverage)


Probably it's worth to transform most of the waypoint descripting TACAN readouts to GRL, since GRL sits in the center of the whole area and should provide service at most of your corridors...

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