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How to fly any mission from the campaign at any time


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Hey all! In the event that you prefer not to replay a previous mission, or simply wish to play any mission from the campaign independent from the linear progression, you can do so by following these steps:


1. Open DCS World. Click "MISSION EDITOR" on the main menu screen.


2. Once the mission editor loads, click FILE -> OPEN in the top left corner


3. In the left-hand window, click "Flaming Cliffs" or "F-15C" depending on whether you have the standalone installation or the FC3 package


4. Click the folder icon " .. " at the top of the screen to back up one directory. Do so repeatedly until you are in the root DCS World game directory.


5. Click the folder icon "mods"


6. Click the folder icon "campaigns"


7. Click the folder icon "F-15C The Georgian War"


8. Select the desired mission. They are listed in order, named "F-15C TGW M##.miz"


9. Click the green check mark on the left side of the screen to fly the mission


This will not apply campaign completion credit to the virtual logbook accessible from the main menu, but you will be able to play any mission from the campaign at any time!


We hope you enjoy The Georgian War!

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Updated instructions for latest DCS build
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