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Tearing in terrain mesh

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Latest update ( with no changes to previous settings other than making the gui display correctly in this update.


Deferred Shading ON, HDR OFF.


Much tearing in terrain mesh. These tears being temporary & random in nature, allowing water or sky to show through the terrain. The effect was only visible around the Lincoln County airfield, but vanished as I flew further south towards Nellis/Vegas.


Mission used being the Spitfire Takeoff Quickstart mission.


Tearing is NOT visible with Deferred Shading OFF & HDR ON.

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Terrain tear...


Hi! Long time lurkers first post. I had the same tears allready before the latest patch. Noticed it flying east from Tonopah to Lincoln County. Kind of like "slits" running north/south. This in Rifr, MP, def.shading off, hdr on.


i9-9900K 4,9Ghz, 2080ti, 32Gb, 1Gb m.2, Index, WinWing throttle, Baur BRD-N, Crosswind pedals, Orbwiever and tm mfd`s, all in a Hornet simpit.

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