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TouchBuddy Toolkit Demo Video

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TouchBuddy Toolkit

Demo/Tutorial Video


I have created a video to show how to use the basic features of the Toolkit to create a simple profile for use in TouchBuddy.


Download videos here.


The download contains 2 videos:

  • Creating a Simple Profile - Create the graphics in just a few minutes, and the profile in even less time.
  • Using the Simple Profile - This demo shows both the Touchscreen and the Game screen at the same time.

The Downloaded video quality is better, but you can also watch these videos on Google Video here:

  1. Watch 'Creating a Simple Profile' on Google Video.
  2. Watch 'Using the Simple Profile' on Google Video.

I hope this will help get some of you started at trying the Toolkit and making profiles for your games.


PS: A Help file for the Toolkit is also currently in the works and should make it much easier to use many of the cool features of TouchBuddy.







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Been very quiet lately about TB and TBTK, also in the TB forum. Any news on the new versions?


Release of v1.3.0 is getting close now... just some last issues and testing of current builds, plus bug fixes. I did post the release notes for v1.3.0 here:




but obviously these will be updated when we do release v1.3.0


I feel very confident about this release, there is a hell of a lot of new stuff in it, and the release notes for v1.3.0 are as long as the release notes for all previous version put together!! We are in "lets make videos" mode at the moment, so expect a few more to be released, showing various aspects of TouchBuddy in use with games, showing advanced features, methods for creating profiles, watch the Toolkit in action, etc.


By the way, TouchBuddy will be exactly 1 year old on New Years Eve, which was when I first had that crazy idea... looking back at the stuff that I have had to learn, and what has been achieved with TouchBuddy and WBK's Toolkit, I am just amazed :)

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Hey zenTera,


I also posted screenshots of 'some' of the new toolkit features here. I didn't go into them all because in addition to screenshots, an explaination of zorlac's new features would be needed.


But I am well into a brand new Toolkit Help file that will explain a lot. And I want it to be very accessable because even I get confused sometimes on the difference between a toggle button, or a touch button, etc sometimes!... :cry:

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