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I Figured Out Why BS is Delayed

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That is not entirely unlikely, I do feel a cough coming on. ;)


Secondhand smoke kills, y'know.


As a result, all bars north of Hadrian's Wall are now smoke free. Apparently it means you can now SEE the person in front of you . . . . incidentally, the number of one-night-stands north of the border have suddenly suffered a massive drop, Manchester University offers a solution . . .






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2nd hand smoke does not kill...this is a proven fact. What DOES kill is telling a smoker that 2nd hand smoke kills and then promptly throwing water in his face to put out the cigarrette. I can vouch for this. :)


So.......... second hand water can be dangerous to one's health? :)

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So let me get this straight ..... Black Shark is delayed because the advanced kitten system on the Su25TM's podded radar system got wet and caused second hand smoke to kill GG Tharos ..... :cry: poor GG I always liked him. Can I have his reputation points ??:joystick: :D

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