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Cant use Missles

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sec, let me get my crystal ball to divine what exactly you mean by "not working"


-did you make sure to set your jettison switch to neutral?

-are you uncaging your seeker prelaunch?


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You are going to have to do a better job explaining what you are doing and what the real problem is. I am going to assume that, from the depth and substance of this report, that you have not read the manual.




There are several things that will keep the missiles from firing. Missile stations have to be selected and gun/missile camera switch has to be in gun/missile. If that is set up properly you should hear a sidewinder growl. If you have previously jettisoned any stores, the select jettison switch has to be returned to the center (off) position. Also, if you have dropped any ordnance or fired any rockets then the external stores selector has to be put back to the safe position. You have to lock you're target by getting a tone from bore sight and uncaging the seeker if you need to attain a better position to fire.

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