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Hi friends,


just want to present you a Normandy multiplayer-mission I am currently working on. I think we need more mission maps which tend to bond the players together with "coop" in mind instead of degenerating into another Team Deathmatch. The idea is to fly together with a main mission in mind. No more single flying and asking "where is the enemy? or what am i supposed to do?"

But I am aware of the tension that makes DCS so much fun when you are confronted with another player. So my mission will be focussing on "repetitive" mission parameters but consist of inevitable PVP confrontations.



Gameplay Settings & Goal:

Each sides goal is to reach 100points. The side with 100points will be declared winner and the map will restart. Scoring is done by the AI ONLY. So keep in mind that you need to defend your attacking AI (bombers & armored ground units) as well as protect key positions on the map from the enemy. PVP cant be avoided as both sides need to support their own AI.


Allies & Axis bombing squads consist of 4x P51 / 4x FW190 and will respawn after successfull landing / being shot down. Their mission takes ~15min from takeoff to bombing & ~15min back to the airbase.


Allies & Axis armored vehicles consist of 8x Sherman / 8x Jagdpanzer and will respawn after reaching their destination / being destroyed. Their mission is a one way route & takes ~1h from start to destination.


You will get visual & audio notifications once gameplay key elements have changed such as:


-air sirens once AI bombers are near cities

-AI bombers & ground units start their route, reach certain cities, are successfull or shot down.

-cities captured by the AI will be indicated by a smoke (RED / BLUE)



- Scoring is done "mainly" by the AI. So protect your AI Bombers & Ground Units!

- Each bomber will gain you 10points for each successfull attack (total of 40 if all 4 succeed)

- Each bomber returning and landing safely will gain you 5 additional points

- Each AI bomber shot by you will gain 5 points for your coalition

- Your ground units will gain you 25points if at least one of them reaches the objective

- Destroying enemy ground units gains your coalition 15 points

- each City taken by the ground units gains you 5 points




#1 Defend the the Bombers to the obejctive

#2 Defend the armored ground vehicles on their path

#3 Dont let the enemy bombers reach your airbase / city

#4 Dont let the enemy ground units reach a certain city


future / ongoing implementations:

- additional "mini" sidemissions which can be activated as soon as certain key elements have been captured / destroyed etc.

- maybe some elements where RL players can contribute more actively in the scoring system (still coop in mind)

- implementing of loosing score points if "tasks" fail is being implemented little by little. right now the side that fails in protecting its bombers will loose ~20points. more to come...

- players should / will be able to gain a certain amount of points by shooting other players

- definitely more WW2 audio elements ;)

- once enough sidemissions have been added, AI respawning will be deactivated completely > as a positive sideeffect in regards of performance, scripting will be minimized to a minimum.

each AI task will be a one way mission. the outcome will decide the next steps. (e.g. winning provides additional ground units etc.)



As long as the mission is in its early stages mission restart after 100points has been deactivated.



The mission is already in a playable condition.. server will be online asap..


See you in the air and be nice ;) ( Im just trying to bring more joy into the game we love)

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Brilliant news. I am not a fan of airquake servers. I would much rather work towards a team goal. In an ideal world I would fly nothing but pre-arranged scenarios eg your bombers will take 45 minutes to reach the target area and will need escorting there and back and the server will open at 8pm on Sunday and shut down at 10pm. Obviously we still need something 24/7 for the rest of the week which is where something like your proposed server can provide a less formal alternative to suicidal deathmatch servers.


56sqn US@R

Diary of a hopeless Pilot Officer http://roblex56raf.livejournal.com


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 16Gb RAM, Intel Core i3/i5/i7 6xxx @ 2700 MHz

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what a good thing ...


I will try asap .

Clevo Sager - i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz OC@4.4Ghz - RAM 32GB DDR4 - VIDEO Nvidia 980 GTX 8Go - XFi SoundBlaster

VR with Oculus Rift - KGB Gunfighter-Pro + Cougar Gaz + Simped + volant T300 + pédalier LeoBodnar


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polished the upcoming / planned implementations.


Its no complicated task .. but very time consuming. I hope I can polish the scoring a bit, include the ground units with sounds / messages and setup a host for testing purposes till today early evening.


update 16.06.17

ground Units score 5 additional Points for capturing cities

ground Units have a set of path / waypoints.

captured cities will be indicated with message & sound

added (intro Music / ww2 speech :P) unfortunately I have not figured out how to stick that to a function like (on client connect).. Need to dig deeper

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Great idea, I fully support these types of missions and will be playing if you manage to get it on a persistent server or if I catch you online when you are hosting.


Im getting very tired of the airquake, and would like to see more AI, specifically period WWII ai units in the air and on the ground. I would also like more interaction with the AI units, which is why these kinds of missions are absolutely necessary.


I know that Eagle Dynamics are planning on implementing more AI planes into the WWII assets pack. Will you perhaps include them into your mission in the AI mix?

Current specs: Windows 10 Home 64bit, i5-9600K @ 3.7 Ghz, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB Samsung EVO 860 M.2 SSD, GAINWARD RTX2060 6GB, Oculus Rift S, MS FFB2 Sidewinder + Warthog Throttle Quadrant, Saitek Pro rudder pedals.

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I know that Eagle Dynamics are planning on implementing more AI planes into the WWII assets pack. Will you perhaps include them into your mission in the AI mix?


yes absolutey! Ive got the Normandy + Assets pack so everything will be added once released. The only reason I dont have included the B17 is because it has no loadout option. So its not possible to send it for a bombing run. I will wait till thats implemented too.


Im pretty curious how the gameserver will perform once arranged. Until then im going for some mission debugging :P .. still a lot left to do :smartass:

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The B-17 has a payload option, the same as any other aircraft with hardpoints. The B-17 simply does not have a pre-created payload. Just go into the payload tab and add a payload.

When you hit the wrong button on take-off



System Specs.

[TABLE]System board ... MSI X99A GAMING 9 ACK

CPU ............ Intel Core i7-5820K @ 3800MHz per OC Genie

CPU cooling .... Noctua NH-D15

Memory ......... 16GB DDR4-3000 G.Skill Ripjaw

PSU ............ Corsair AX860i PSU

Graphics card .. Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Amp! Extreme

System disk .... SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB SSD

Monitor ........ ASUS MG279Q, 27"

VR ............. Oculus Rift CV1[/TABLE]

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The B-17 has a payload option, the same as any other aircraft with hardpoints. The B-17 simply does not have a pre-created payload. Just go into the payload tab and add a payload.


nice! thanks for the hint :pilotfly:

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update 18.06.17


Bombers shot down +5points

Bombers landed safely gain you additional points

As for now its a "bit" complicated to identify planes / ground units and actually see them.

To compensate this and still keep labels deactivated I implemented the following idea:

Ground units:

Smokes when cities have been captures by ground units (red / blue)

Message (with certain city captured) + sound



one Message + sound half way (with "bombers near city xy")

one Message + sound when bombers are actually going to bomb run


So hopefully you will always have an idea where Action might be :)



Still open:

- how to implement "intro speech :)" for clients connecting. Right now I could not bringt this to

life other than once 15sec after mission start.. But thats not what im looking for..

- Briefing images still missing

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