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HARRIER-JAGUAR-FA/18 SUPER HORNET-F15E Strike Eagle new 3D models

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I only see one problem that is not an F/A-18E it is from what I can see an F/A-18A so not a Super bug but a bug nonetheless





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AAAAAAAAAAAH WTFFFFFF, MAAANNNn, me and my friends was browsin tha forum...and found that ooooooooooooooooh, man thats is awesomeee, somebody gimme some words cant speak nomore,,... tha Harrierrrr cryyyy, Jaguarr oh my goood man,... they all look awesome, no that word I need is not created right now...helll yea mannnn. Can I buy u hahaha..


If all real wars could only be fought in DCS..



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Hi to all,


I am new writing in this forum, but good I have been following to you for a long time:smilewink: , Yamine!!!... on the models I have decirte that in its day models, animates and texturice part of those models that you have put, for simulator SF Proyect:joystick: , the problem is that the rate of faces is to pains of 9000 faces by model:( but as much the quality as the finished one the models are good are the F-15E and the F/A-18A, and some other that I did in its day.:smilewink:


Also I must say that I am working in the Harrier, right now I am finishing modeling and I would need to the textures and the animations, but I am working in it.:smilewink:


Here you can see the results.











If you need something you do not doubt in requesting it.:smilewink:


A greeting and good fighter aircraft.



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Please don’t take this the wrong way but which model are you trying to add to the game. All those models doesn’t exactly suit Lock On. The harrier, jaguar, F-15E…etc don’t have an FM in the game so basically you are going to replace the harrier with an A-10? Which would be highly unrealistic. Based on the videos released by The Battle Sim, which probably showed some features of Black Shark, there’s already a harrier. We already have a decent F-18 in the game. The F-15E is plausible if you submit it to ED but it has to be your own work, it has to be below 50k poly, and it has to be accurate. I don’t think that model satisfy any of those 3 categories. From the looks of it, like the nose, it doesn’t look correct.

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