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[DCS-BIOS v0.5.3] F5-E Multiposition Switch Radar mode


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Try editing your connect-serial-port.cmd script and insert the following line after the line with the "mode" command:

timeout 3


See also: this post by GSS Rain, who had the same issue.


When using a Mega, it sometimes gets stuck in the bootloader when it receives data too soon after being reset. I'll release an updated version of DCS-BIOS with the new script in a few days when I get back to my apartment.

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hi geeber2

thank you for f-5e.lua file, the file containe switches,light indicator ,some pot,

the gauges and many switches are missing in this file , tell me if im wrong !!

can you pls provide for me the completed file.

if i get the completed file the dcs bios require the F-5e.json and F-5e.js files are they generated automaticle ????



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