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My DCS crashes anytime I deploy flares or shoot guns

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Understand the Minimum Specs are There for a reason.


Your System does not meet them,


Intel HD Graphics Processors are not supported.


You have 8 GB of Ram, of Which anywhere between 1024 and 2048 MB is assigned as VRAM Only, so In reality You have 6 GB or Less of System Ram Available.


Crashing when Deploying Flares is caused by the Lack of True DirectX 11 Hardware And Driver Support of the "Intel® HD Graphics 620"


The Log Clearly shows the Intel IGP Driver is what's causing the crash.



As for DCS World Min. requirements going up, The Software Evolves, You cant Expect ED to Stay in the 32-Bit DirectX 9 Era because some Systems are not 64 Bit and DirectX 11 Compliant.


Thank i realised i made a mistake, here will this work for me pc? http://smallbusiness.chron.com/chang...ard-58676.html

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what you need is DESKTOP computer !


Proper Laptops that are truely DCS capable are in the 2-5k€ League, there is no 1k€ Laptop that will run DCS. Sorry to say so.


For less than HALF the money you can buy a Desktop computer with decent graphics and a very capable CPU, 16 or 32GB RAM, a nice SSD and maybe a nice screen on top. That all fits into 1.500€ or US$. Sure, you can spend way more if you have that much but round about there is where it starts to make sense if you aim for DCS and fluent gameplay.


If you really need a Laptop for various reasons and a Desktop is a NoGo, then look for a Laptop that has a FULL FEATURED Intel CPU and not a "U" version, the proper version is the "HK" for laptops.

Dell/Alienware has a nice one, I just checked it for a buddy, it's just WAY beyond 2.000 €/US$ with the proper items checked. YOu need THE FASTEST FULL 4-Core CPU they have, 16GB RAM or more, a 1070GTX or better, SSD and a Gsync screen, for a 4k screen option you betetr also opt for the 1080GTX = 3.500 round about with 4-year warranty extension and Damage insurance.


I would NOT buy such a laptop without a full 3year or greater warranty. I have burned a GPU on my Dell Gaming Laptop a few years ago, which was a SLI card..and OMG...I was lucky I had a 4-year insurance. The device failed at the very last day of my 4 years and Dell paid me 1.000€ +VAT cash and took the device back. Best deal I ever made ;)


I also still have an Asus ( I love Asus tbh, but that was a GAG ) G-Series Laptop and service is gently said "not so good". Dont buy any of those as when the shit hits the fan you will be without a device for weeks and no "On Site Service Next Busines Day".


The best service I yet had is with my MacbookPro retina 15". Apple is on par with Dell, even that you have to send it in but it wont takes AGES to come back and Apple never let me down, even 2 years after my warranty ran out. I have the 3rd retina screen meanwhile and they paid for all that.


For a Laptop, service is the A&O as you cannot fix ANYTHING yourself as you either dont get the parts or if, they are F&%$& expensive !

Asus Z370-E - 8700K@5G_delidded - 32GB - 1080GTX-Ti EK-waterblock - 1x 960Evo 250GB - 3x Samsung 850/860Pro 256GB Raid-0 - 1x Samsung 870 Evo 1TB - 2x Seagate 2TB - 32GB PageFile - Heatkiller IV - MoRa3-360LT@4x180mm fans - Corsair AXi-1200 - TiR5-Pro - Warthog Hotas - Saitek Combat Pedals - Asus PG278Q 27" QHD Gsync 144Hz - Win10Pro64 

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I found a solution, I reduced everything to zero closed all my windows program and opened it in window mode. It works perfectly now, I started this thread like 5 months ago but today I just said "ah let me just give DCS a try" and you know I tried different kinds of stuff and the best solution is to run it on Window mode and put every setting on off or 0

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