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Terrain mesh in 2.1 still having issues

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2.x is using clip maps for terrain mesh resolutions.




It might be that LOD settings have been changed. Some time ago in 2.0 the visuals got a significant hit, aside of textures quality also the resolution of far terrain and buildings. (there is a thread about it, sorry no time to look it up)

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Candid question from a non-2.1-owner passing by :

Can it be tweaked in config files ?


Since i realy cant find a rule in the rules which state that showing lua-config-file-tweakment is forbidden i post the little 'solution' into public ... i apologize in advance if i'm mistaken!




It can be tweaked somewhat ... you can "extend" the ranges of the inner/middle/and outer clipmapping reagions by modifying the ...\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Config\graphics.lua ...


about at line count 320 there is the Terrain - object ... with settings for low, medium,high,ultra,extreme settings ...

I have choosen the visib Range High in my "System Settings" in DCS 2.1 so i modified the High setting in this file.


By only changing this setting ... only the (let's call it) contour of the terrain in the distance is affected. All the other LOD settings for the choosen visib setting preserve.


If i change it from 1.0 to 2.0 ... the inner and middle regions are extended so much ... that the look at the same position changed from the first screenshot to the second one.






I'll recommend to not change any other setting in the same manner. If somehow we could change the "structure" of the clipmapping regions by it self ... we could realy realy realy mess up the algorithm implemented by ed ... and crash our entire system. (But i guess those tweakments arent externly possible anyway ... through .lua files ... )


But that changement seem to be safe.



der Wolf

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Hi Wunderwolf, many thanks for your help and effort!! :thumbup:


I tried your mod and it definitely works, but the problem is that it seems to affect more/only to the terrain in low-mid distances but not far distances...in your pictures, it looks like those mountains are not very far from the camera and so they look better...but if you look at the horizon when flying high, I think it looks the same...


However, objects and the low-mid distance terrain looks AMAZING!!!:smilewink:...there is a very noticeable improvement at those distances...I can clearly see better meshes in mountains and better textures...also objetcs are rendered much farther (I used a value of 2.5) which is great because I see trees, bushes, buildings and even cars from much higher distance which is awesome (at 20.000ft I can see trees and their shadows :D)...almost looks like a different map :P


Sadly, this nice improvement in the objects implies a very big hit in performance :cry: which I guess would make especially normandy unplayable (and now there is no way to split the files for each map)...if only the mesh of the terrain would get affected it would be great, as well as only the farther rendering distance.


Anyway, I havent been able to test Normandy yet (still downloading the update :doh:) but in Nevada, my system can handle a value of 2.5 in all places unless over Vegas :)...so I might give a try at 2.0 value and see what happens :thumbup:


Again, many thanks for sharing!!;)

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Yes ...

just found this thread : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=186789 ...


So the setting is effecting more then just the Terrain-Mesh.


Dunno if the thread-OP know that he also affects the terrain mesh with his MOD-assumption ...


If i find some time ... i do some twiddlement and testing too.


Have fun and save flying ...



der Wolf

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It seems to me an interesting topic, obviously the lod is worse than in the early versions, but I have returned to 2.0.4 for performance reasons. The new update keeps me below 40 Fps and that ruins my experience. I do not have the system requirements for DCS 2.1.

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I wanted to post one more thing here...


I have had a bit of time today, and decided to give another try to the "distancFactor" parameter found by dimitriov and Wunderwolf...


As it didnt looked as good as it used to in previous versions, I decided to go crazy with it, just for the sake of it and because I wanted to remember how it looked long time ago...so I started rising this number until I found it didnt had sense because the mountains were faded in the horizon...that happenen after I set my "distancFactor" to 5,5-6 and WOW!!!, it looked beautiful:






BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, it runs GREAT also :yes: ...I took a couple of pictures after flying with both, the default 1.5 value and 6, and as you can see, the difference is about 10-15% gpu load, and the average usage is about 50% at "6" :)


"distancFactor" at 1.5:



"distancFactor" at 6:




...but bear in mind something, this paramenter is also affecting ground clutter and objects, so my system was loading objects like 4X the default value and even then, the gpu load was only 10-15% more...of course this is when flying out of vegas, because trees and buildings were loaded at CRAZY distances with self shadowing included but even there it was quite playable (I think people with 1080ti might be able to fly this way no problems almost even over vegas)...so once we isolate object loading (which obviously IS a performance penalty) so to take into account only the performance penalty of the terrain mesh, I think that the performance argument is down.


So, as I suspected, increasing the ground mesh quality in the distance doesnt make much of a difference in perfomance (if any) once it only affect the ground mesh and nothing else.


Also, I didnt experience any kind of problems with the increased mesh quality distance, not a single one after a long flight. Only problem was objects flicker a bit at some angles over vegas but again, not with the terrain mesh.


You can test all this for yourselves of course, because screens doesnt make it justice, it looks WAY better in game, looking at particular landmarks at great distance with high quality is AWESOME!!:thumbup:


So, just wanted to share with you guys this experiment and maybe Sith or other moderator/ED dev can make something to improve this, and/or texture blurring.



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I haven't tried upping the setting to 6.0 yet, but strangely, changing my distance setting from Medium to Extreme (1.5?) in the gui, upped my framerate by around 20fps when away from Vegas. (all other setting at lowish, but a large resolution for 3 screens+1). I find it hard to believe that increasing GFX settings would make it run more smoothly. Maybe some other factor is at play.

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btw, it looks soooooooooooooo incredible when increasing this parameter!! if only it didnt flicker at some angles...some day!






Also, another problem is that the config file is the same for both NTTR and Normandy, and I guess for any future map...we would need different config files or block in the file for each terrain.

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