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Landing Gear Retraction

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This is something I noticed while watching a replay of me taking of in the Tiger


Here in DCS the Nose Wheel retracts at the same time as the main landing gear



But on real Swiss Air Force Tigers the Main Gear retracts first and the nose wheel a little bit later



Has someone an Idea why?

Nobis Capito


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Don't know for sure. However it may be a modification to allow longer service life, and less costly maintenance on hydraulic system. By staggering retraction, less hydraulic fluid pressure is needed. Hence less overall hydraulic fluid is needed for all hydraulic systems, and smaller/lighter pumps. I could be wrong, and it may be something else. Perhaps DCS F-5E retraction program is incorrect. At worst it is a minor thing.

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Looks like the main gear goes first, followed by the nose gear, and the hatches close in sync.


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