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Gamer Personality Types


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You'll need to do the test to find your four letter personality code

Here - https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test


Then check out what type of gamer you are

Here - https://www.16personalities.com/articles/might-or-magic-a-study-of-gamers-personality-types


Not associated with or promoting the site, just though it was cool

Turns out its pretty accurate for me

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I have done some private study on this as a long time video gamer myself.


I looked into the user (gamer) and developer aspects of video game development and theories that assist in both areas in how it all interacts and how a video game company can pull you in to emotionally attach you to the game and or contribute to the community.


But what is more interesting is the millions that large gaming companies have spent in understanding the psychology and social chemistry of the gamer or user in how they develop the games.


For example EAGAMES and UBISOFT have done this very well for years now without people even knowing using analytical metric data tools to measure who you are, how you play using profiles and accounts so forth.


For example EA FIFA series is a multi-million dollar video game label under license and contract with FIFA (TM) that draws a global fan base where there is allot of feedback and study on this area.







Its a complex area with multiple types of people and theories used ..............








There is so much more on this stuff online its an actual science that the video game companies use with "Subject Matter Experts" (S.M.E's) to make video games more profitable and enlarge a customer base.


But its all a play on emotions on our human weaknesses that they exploit for profit based on your choices and experience and pigeon hole people so to speak.


Just be who you are and enjoy it and know your limits, because they think they own you once your captured with their enticements hooked like gamblers so to speak thats not true, unless you allow it as a person. With current trends in F2P MMO so on types of games.


As they say "Big Brother is Watching"......... :unsure:....... thats the future anyway...... who cares anyway they are all video games just some fun away from reality as long as you know yourself, is what matters, people judge what they see regardless of who you really are in soul.


Another saying never judge a book by its cover, right!

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Either it has it very wrong, or I have been playing the wrong games all my life, hehe.

1.61% that I enjoy racing games the most and 50% for Role-playing games. Myea no, other way around, and even more. Is all I do / play, racing and flying, and until a few years ago, it was all about racing :)

Id put aviation under the same umbrella as racing, since flight oriented games dont exist in the list. The simulation aspect of it.


But in a way, I guess you could say that racing/flying in very simulator oriented titles, is a kind of role-playing, since immersion has very high priority for me. I want to get it as close as I can, to actually sitting/believing Im sitting in the given car / plane. If I cant get immersed, then I couldnt be bothered with the title.

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Remember that glitch in world of Warcraft? The corrupted blood incident. Some very informative stuff has been written.

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Art Of The Kill:

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These kind of personality tests aren't very reliable in categorizing people as it might put the same person randomly in two or three of the types depending on some random factors like time of day, mood or alertness. Nevertheless it still gives great insight on how you and other people think and what you and they consider important.

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So is there a DCS World Personality type?


They're still working on ironing out some bugs. It'll be out in two weeks!

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This just seems like a rehash of a Myers-Briggs or Keirsey temperament test.

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Don't need any test. I'm what I call an immersion gamer. This is why I'm all about VR.


Doing things I could never afford or aren't possible in real life and making it as realistic as possible. When I was a kid I wanted to be a fighter or combat helicopter pilot (or a space fighter pilot!). Now thanks to DCS and Star Citizen I'm all of those. Oh and I'm a rally car driver too!

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What is a Global Online Community....... "Different People"!









So now be honest where do you fit in?



Some good reading links:-





The Human Race


By nature we are all a fallen race of beings none are innocent, history tells it.


As our moral compass varies from day-to-day and perfection is something we strive for not achieved, you know it.


So don't let your ego's hit you as you look up!







"When we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves".

Author - Confucius - Chinese philosopher & reformer (551 BC - 479 BC)





1.2 Forum members must treat other with respect and tolerance.


*Link:- https://forums.eagle.ru/rules.php#en



But there will always be the trouble maker maliciously and vindictively causing strife its the folly of man........





I'm also hoping for a younger crowd to grow say between 18 and 60 years of age a good mix adds to the fun and great community gaming relationships, yep time for change will come its the future for the sim gaming industry!


I recall my gaming first started somewhere in my teens in the 1980's, some forget, thats how young we were when flight sims and gaming started all those years ago.





*Note:- that this is a global social media online Forum where members cross between other similar Forums of this type, as well! :smilewink:



That might......:helpsmilie:.......... :thumbup:

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