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AGM154 JSOW Weirdness, SO refueling logic

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I have been doing some missions in the editor and watching them play out. This latest mission compels me to ask ED, that sits high on your chariot to look down upon your creation and smite it's flaws, so that thy will be done in simulation as it is on Earth.


1. JSOW launched from an 18C. It flew to target, then began performing loops above said structure for 10 minutes before finally impacting.



2. The mission calls for the hornet flight to refuel on RTB. Unit 1 connects, takes some fuel, loses it and tries to reconnect. This continues to happen. 2 units eject while waiting for their turn.


I have no solution for issue 1. For issue 2, is there a way to force units to check their fuel amount on hand vs needed for route completion? If the check passes with a small amount over the threshold, the unit stops refueling and allows another unit to begin fueling. If not, what are other alternatives?


*this also ties into more mission design and planning tools, such as a dynamic fuel calculator in the editor and planner.

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1. Thats a bug, I've seen it happen before. If it is repeatable and you have a track or simple mission featuring it that would be helpful.


2. What is it refueling from? If it is the S-3 then there won't likely be enough fuel to refuel both aircraft. Is it done with a trigger or just relying on AI to get low enough on gas to tank on their own? I know the refueling behavior has been tweaked a little so the AI are supposed to try to tank up with enough time to refuel and allow any wingmen to refuel.


You can check fuel with the scripting engine and the function Unit.getFuel() which gives you a percentage of total fuel remaining based on max internal fuel. You'd have to guestimate a value for fuel flow or whatever else and determine if it will have enough go go juice to make it to their destination. As far as I know you can't force AI to stop refueling, though I've never tried giving them a new command while actively refueling, so that might work.

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