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DCS World 1.5 Open Beta Installation in "Steam Mode?"


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Hey all,


I'm trying to Install a "Non-Steam" DCS World client.

I'd the steam client installed but I wanted to switch to the other one because of the Viggen and the Mirage (Which are already bought, btw.)


But my problem is, that the "new" client does somehow relate to the steam one, because it doesnt offer me the module manager, nor is it pointing to the ED Store page when clicking on the buy icon on a module in the bottom bar, but instead redirects me to the steam store.


The steam client is already uninstalled and I even tried the repiar functionality of the DCS World updater. My feeling is, that there might be some registry entry which needs to be wiped out.


Would like to know what I can do.


Thanks in advance

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Did you use the Delete Local Content function in Steam to remove DCS World, and then install the standalone DCS World 1.5? Also, I would recommend trying to use IOBit uninstaller to remove any DCS World installer (it can remove hidden files/registry keys.)

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I've simply used the uninstall utility from steam.

Can't do anything else, because it's already uninstalled :lol:


I've used the DCS Updater from Skate Zilla to get all my missing modules installed.

Couldn't wait to get my hands on the stick again :joystick:.

Seems to work. However, would be good to know how to remove all the steam affinity in the afterwards and to not rely on external tools.


Ty anyways

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