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F-5E, amazing except the skins


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I've just bought your F-5E and it's amazing.


I love the sens of speeed in it, its very convincing flight modeling, its cockpit (I feel immediately at home in it, I had the chance to make two flights in an F-5F long ago). Congrats, top job.


But, I have a little "but" about the F-5E: its skins.


Often, I take the DCS Su-25 or the Su-27 just to fly them with external views just to look at their amazing skins, especially to look how the light reflects itself on their matte finishes.


Or I take your F-86F just to look too how the light reflect itself also on the natural metal surfaces of the Sabre. Just amazing, the Sabre metallic skins are one of the best things to look at in DCS.


But I've not this sensation of reality with the F-5E when looked in external views. The F-5E standard two-tones grey camo is very matte, but it does not look almost real at all like for instance with the Su-25: externaly, the F-5E looks flat.


Also, the grey painting of the F-5E can look very grey or to get somehow blue in real life according to the kind of sunlight it receives. Exactly like what happens on your DCS Sabre when the light changes on its natural-metal finish. No such thing with the F-5E, it looks flat too about this aspect.


I've also the DCS Spit. Looking at its wing from the cockpit is amazing, because all the panels look almost real, no such thing with the F-5E wings, when seen from the cockpit, they look flat.


In fact, it just seems that something is wrong with the skins shaders of the F-5E or that one or two shaders are missing.


Could you have a look at the shading of the F-5E for a future update, so that it could look as beautiful as your Sabre ? It would be marvellous.




PS: I know quite well the Tiger. I see them flying a few kilometers from my home almost every day and I even made long ago the Verlinden Lock On on the Tiger.

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PS: I forgot, this excellent French DCS reviewer also praises your F-5E, except for the skins, which are not in his opinion at the level of the other aspects of your model:



(on the contrary, he's wrong on the cockpit textures which are spot on, especially the yellow-green protective coat.

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I agree with you about the shaders/materials on the f5 not being as good as I would have liked as well as the 3d model which is not as good or detailed as others, if not the worse of all. Anyway you can download some good skins like the ones from Tom weis.


Other than that I think this is the more enjoyable plane I own in DCS no doubt, it's AMAZING as you said and I LOVE IT!

Take a look at my MODS here

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Update on this subject.


Yesterday, I flew the Tiger offline with the Swiss skin and a nice light setting: amazing.


I flew also on an online server which allows external views. I had the "Black 25" skin: amazing.


In fact, I made the mistake, for my first flights with the F-5E, to load a non-official skin which was "so-so" and to look at it on a server blocked at 1200 in summer, what gives a rather crude light (all the landscape photographers know that light is just crude at 1200).


Lesson to me: wait a few days before posting an opinion.

To the moderation: you can even delete this thread, once everybody has seen that I was wrong.


And congrats to the dev team: the F-5E is amazing on all points of views !

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Another update on this subject ;-)

Had a pc crash on W7. Reinstalled all with W10.

And now even on medium settings, the Tiger is amazing outside even at medium settings, reflections, panels surfaces, everything ok !!!

I should have been some graphic problem with my latest install ???

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