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Affect cockpit arguments with scripting


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I've researched this topic for several hours now with zero results. If what I'm asking for is already possible, I'd be grateful for any pointers. :thumbup:


The request is simple: I'd like to be able to affect each and every switch and knob and button in the cockpit of each and every module for each and every player controlled aircraft, both SP and MP, via the Simulator Scripting Engine.


In the ME, the trigger action "X: COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION" already does exactly what I want, but is limited to the (single) player aircraft as I understand it.


I guess either of these would do:


trigger.action.cockpitPerformClickableAction(unitIdOrObject, deviceID, command, value)


Unit.cockpitPerformClickableAction(deviceID, command, value)


-- Both of the above:
-- - Ignored for all AI units
-- - Only available for:
-- - - Unit.Category.HELICOPTER
-- - - Unit.Category.AIRPLANE


I know the request is simple, while the implementation probably isn't. ;)


I believe having this available would open up a bunch of interesting options to modders and mission designers. :thumbup:

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I'm just wondering: What would an example of application be of such a function? =)


Doing a proper startup is a life-safer in real life. Missing even just one switch or button can have catastrophic results.


In DCS, we can be completely sure that every switch is in the proper cold-and-dark position when we sit down in the virtual pit, and even if we follow every checklist to the letter, we know deep down that we could skip 90% and still get the aircraft properly started up.


Thus... a cold-and-dark switch randomizer would be among the first ideas. :)

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Too bad this is not yet available.


We also do very much need this functionality.


Our use cas is that we have a template mission with client aircraft. Two times a week we practice. Sometimes it's dive bombing, sometimes rockets, sometimes more advanced stuff. We use a tool upfront to define our mission flights, flight plans (waypoints) as well as targets and weapon profiles. This tool generates Mission Data Cards which we load into our kneeboards (ingame or VRK). After entering the pits and loading weapons, the tedious part of programming the flight plans as well as weapon delivery profiles starts every time which takes a huge chunk of our available practice time, before we can even takeoff. IRL those flight plans and weapon profiles would already be preplanned (like we do it) and automatically loaded from the DTC.


So we would very much appreciate this feature. It would allow us to at least have an F10 menu to initiate the programming of the CDU and DSMS after starting the aircraft up to this point.


The best option would be of course if we could just place the DTC data somehow in a file and it would be loaded right when we click the LOAD button on the MFCD.

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Nice idea! +1

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The best option would be of course if we could just place the DTC data somehow in a file and it would be loaded right when we click the LOAD button on the MFCD.

+1 .. and this should be the same for every plane, that has DTC available.


In the new A-10C, we now have the HMCS profiles, I am sure a Pilot is not switching mostly everything from Occluded to always visible, but has a prepared profile to load... I mean the option to have your TDC, SPI, your buddies SPI, markpoints, TGP caret etc. visible through the bottom of your cockpit and especially during your roll in on target is sooo helpful I doubt any pilot would actually have them occluded... You can simply switch the HMCS off through the HOTAS if it gets in the way inside the cockpit.



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