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Eagle Dynamics multiplayer test event


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Dear players,


This Wednesday Feb. 22 at 17-00 GMT (20-00 MSK) we want to make wide multiplayer test. Main goal is to catch server issues when a lot of connected clients and events appears.


We invite all who has DCS World ver. (release or Open Beta). Mandatory conditions:


1. Pure client, Integrity Check is ON


2. Chat window should be opened all the time in READ mode. You can use chat in WRITE mode only in the last resort


3. You should comply with ED employee instructions (Server admin, BillyCrusher, Dzen, Nim, FrogFoot, USSR_Rik)


4. No other special rules. You can do what you want from aerobatics up to self destroy. Server mission contains several A/C and ground groups with different tasks (dogfight, A-G attack, ship attack). Do not forget to connect-disconnect, slot (role) change. Do not think about your personal score - we want to get as much as possible game events. Being killed just change role and play again. Labels are ON, all views are opened.


In case of any issue (server crash, disconnect etc.) return to server list, wait for our test server appears and connect again. We will inform you about testing finish in game chat.


Date and time can be detailed here.


Server name: ED Debug Server.

TeamSpeak server: teamspeak.eagle.ru. TS channels will work only for listening.


Please discuss details here (but don’t ask ‘why 17-00? will be better 18-00’)

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El pueblo unido jamás será vencido



DCS World 2.5: Часто задаваемые вопросы

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I'm in!

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Count on me! :)

Mission: "To intercept and destroy aircraft and airborne missiles in all weather conditions in order to establish and maintain air superiority in a designated area. To deliver air-to-ground ordnance on time in any weather condition. And to provide tactical reconaissance imagery" - F-14 Tomcat Roll Call


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But I don't understand that part:


Don't stay connected all the time.

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Thanks ED for this event and giving your time to address multiplayer issues. This is something I would enjoy participating in but I have a preparation for a medical procedure during this time period. I will watch for any other similar events in the future and try to attend one if you have these again..

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Gathered a massive posse intending to melt your CPU with data flow...

(did you put viggens in it, that should do it?)



If it helps I can get a disconnect from a local client on the same LAN just recently, usually after disconenct and reconnect.

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