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1.5.6 rockets causing massibe lag

Mars Exulte

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I decided to report this as a bug, considering the irrationality of it.


With all settings maxed, on a empty scenario, me only present, I have butter smooth performance UNTIL I fire rockets. With each rocket fired the FPS noticeably drops, by the time I've launched a full volley, the game has dropped to a frame every few seconds until the rockets begin detonating. Once they're gone, performance returns to normal.


If I set the settings all to zero, or very low, it doesn't do it. This implies a glitch, leak, or severe optimisation issue. I have pulled the second GPU, shut down tertiary programs, etc, with no effect, so it's definitely 'gameside'.


I don't recall having this issue in the past, though I've mostly used 2.x until recently. I did not seem to have this problem at all in the 2.x codebase, though.


I'll continue testing and add any additional information I come up with.



The troll formerly known as Zhukov

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