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[Viggen] After a ground crash & restart mission...


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In short searching, I couldn't find about this. This bug is not big deal but I just wanted to report.


Created a SP mission for free flight. I crashed into ground and restarted (LShift+R) the mission.

When I entered in cockpit, all switches were OFF (main power etc.) by default, but warning lights were ON and Master Warning was beeping at me. :)

It acted like Main Power switch was ON.


(At first time, I thought a ground crew who likes jokes did that, but then I saw the main power switch was off, and I felt fear to death. There was a ghost in aircrasasıausdıwhdıauhwd...)


End of the report. :)


Bad side: This bug may not be reproducible. Because, after 2nd crash, everything was normal.



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I had this, too, a couple of times. Even when starting a "fresh" mission. But was also not a reproducible error.

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