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Is the SPA-mode implemented?


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I have been trying to make use of the SPA-mode (SPA=spaning=reconnaissance) of the Viggen, but I am unable to make it work.


I am able to use the MÅL function, in order to mark a target for coordinates, but I am unable to use the SKU function. From reading the SFI for the Viggen you are supposed to be able to take a fix on a naval target, wait for about 3 minutes, take another fix on the target (that has now moved) and get a heading and a speed of the naval target. I am unable to make it work the way it is described in the SFI, and the DCS manual doesn't really mention it.


My question is: are the SPA functions properly implemented yet, and if so how do I use them?


Thanks in advance you guys! You are all making this a great community, and we have something awesome going here.

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