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AI Landing Procedure Problems


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No human players involved. This is nevada only.


Test 1: Boulder Mix


- Boulder Airport is RED all other neutral - 4x-Su27 will spawn and takeoff 10 minutes later.

- USA A-10C starts without waypoints, goes to neutral airfield, ok.

- 4xSu-25T start a few miles from Boulder and are waypoint commanded to land.

- another 4xSu25T start a little bit more behind, also commanded to land on Boulder.



- The Su-25T that first takes the turn to land is making a lot of turns, confused.

- In one case that wasn't recorded on video, it crashed with the Su-27 on the runway.

- In another case which I recorded, it abruptly aborted, retried, but seems to have hit something and just crashed into ground later.

- In all cases; no AI seems to know there is a second runway, 27s or 25s nobody chooses the other runway.




- In the case of a crash on Boulder runway, the Su-27 do not take the other clear runway to continue takeoff, and, the Su-27Ts divert themselfs to the closes neutral airfield.

- They go to Henderson Executive, 2 of the Su-25T manage to land, but only just, the first one that lands does not taxi off the runway, it remains on the runway blocking it, the second Su-25T is able to land because it breakes and stops before a collission, it also stops and does not park properly.

- The remaining Su-25Ts again, only recognize one runway at Henderson, now they are more confused, they do not divert, they simply circle forever, until bingo fuel.

- At Bingo Fuel they go super-speed nose-up towards Beatty Airport, one of them loses fuel before landing, and crashes, the remaining ones successfuly land and park on Beatty Airport.






Test 2: Boulder Su25Ts


- Tons of Su-25Ts commanded to land on Boulder.

- Average Skill



- No Airfield Full Detection, does not divert, lands ok but disappears after it starts breaking.

1st.: PC Specs: Win10P 2004 (20H1), 1440p@75"32 - MB: Asus ROG Strix X-570E - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G - GPU: AMD Radeon RX480 - RAM: 64 GB - SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB NVMe

2nd.: PC Specs: Win10P 2004 (20H1), 1440p@75"32 - MB: Asus P9X79 - CPU: Intel i7 3820 - RAM: 32GB - GPU: AMD Radeon RX480 8GB - SSD Samsung 870 EVO 250GB (DCS), Input: Saitek Cyborg X/FLY5

Modules: A-10C I/II, F/A-18C, Mig-21Bis, M-2000C, AJS-37, Spitfire LF Mk. IX, P-47, FC3, SC, CA, WW2AP, CE2.

Terrains: NTTR, Normandy, Persian Gulf, Syria.

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Yeah, I am having a similar problem with an Il76 disappearing after landing, on the taxiway, even though the WP states to park in spot 10 which is free and can accommodate it.



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Oh yeah. I've had B-1s land at North LV and then run off runway and explode.

I don't need no stinkin' GPS! (except for PGMs :D) :pilotfly:







i7-9700K - 64GB RAM

RTX 2070 SUPER - TCL 55" 4K

Corsair K70 RGB + Stream Deck 15/XL - TrackIR 4 Pro

TM Warthog, F-18 Grip w/ Mag Base, and 3 Cougar MFDs w/CH Pro Pedals

Win 10 Pro - 1TB M.2 SSD - Delta Sim TDC






A-10 AV-8 F-5/14/16/18/86 M-2K P-51 UH-1

FW-190 MiG-15/21 FC3 *Supercarrier* CombatFlite

Channel Nevada Normandy Persian Gulf Syria TACView WWII Assets


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Just want to check here - A/C starts at least 12nm from the runway and AI skill set to Excellent?

I had this long time ago with 1.2 version but since then all my flights are returning to base without any problem...

If the above is true post a miz file so we can test on our ends.

Intel Core i7-10700K - ROG Strix Z490-H Gaming - 64GB Vengance LPX - RTX 3080 Eagle OC - non-VR - single player - open beta


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