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Problem With Hosting Nevada and every other DRM (anti VM) based Map in the Future


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I setup a hyper-v VM to host 2.0 Nevada, this works great in 1.5.6 since the caucasus map isn't watched by Starforce. Can host all day on it. But for Nevada, it boots up Starforce DRM (which is fine, I own 2 copies of the Nevada map on 2 different accounts, 1 for server and 1 for my normal account), and Starforce WILL NOT allow itself to verify on a VM.


I don't see why this should be a requirement since the DRM phones home all the time anyway, theres no way you can pirate the game through this method. The phoning home Starforce would kill the module, so this should work without drawbacks.


Since maps cost money, most of us will put up a full server per map to not alienate those who don't own certain maps (map rotations aren't in the cards), so Virtual Machines are a must for hosting game servers.


In the future, MOST hosted game servers on the internet are in some sort of hosted VM (ESXi, Hyper-V, Etc). Fully dedicated game servers are not cost effective, more than $100 a month.


So it is in your best interest in getting this to work. I know the dedicated server client in the foreseeable future should fix this (should be able to host any map without owning it(, BUT until then, we need a solution for this - more servers = more people playing, and more convincing they need more modules, which turns into more money for ED.


Right now, you need dedicated hardware and a macro program watchdog to keep the server up, not ideal. I had to put my 1.5.6 server in the VM and the 2.x server on dedicated for now.


Let me know if I can help in anyway, I love this game (I will sign NDA if u want me to test new server related stuff :-), I code for a living so I know how the workflow goes )

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