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F-15 autopilot


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Hello guys,


When i play F-15C and i want to put autopilot it doesn't work very well,


When i use Altitude Hold and Attitude Hold it's marked in red on right side of the cockpit, in left side the switch is on but i know that when i use pitch up/down, the autopilot automatically desactivate, the red thing is gone, switch is always on "ON", when i stabilize the F-15C, so why i try to reactivate autopilot, it doesn't work anymore so it's kind of disabling for me.


If you can fix this it would be nice.


Thank you

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There also has been a problem with the F-15C AP starting from 1.5 where if you put the plane into ALT and ATT hold, then put it into a bank, your plane will slowly start to nose down and descend. It will nose down to the point where the AP kicks off. Yet interestingly, if you just use only ATT hold and then put the plane into a bank, it will also hold altitude. I have no idea when they are going to fix it, they said they've acknowledged the problem...



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