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Zoom IN problem with TrackIR ON or OFF.


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I have triple monitors and I can't Zoom Out to get the COCKPIT out of my face and only seeing 1/3 of the main panel. I can move my head up/down to see the area I want to see but when I hit

the Center Key I ONLY have 1/3 of the main panel on screen. I have my resolution set to

5760 X 1080 and I followed the instruction from a TrackIR Video on youtub in setting up

the ZOOM View in Game but nothing changed,

Has anyone out there with TRIPLE MONITORS running DCS WORLD have a Fix for this problem?




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I had the same issue with my 3 WQHD monitors. Editing the server.lua did it for me. Attached you find my settings which is the min and max FOV angle. I also went back with the head by pausing TrackIR with F9, moving back the head with rshift+rctrl+/ (num pad) and also the arrows to get the correct position. Then I saved it with ralt + 0 (num pad). I use the slider at the Warthog throttle to zoom in and out.

Attached you also find how to figure out the center view. The formula can be found on top of the picture. I used excel for it.

I hope this helps.

Take care,



P.S.: Integrity Check is OK. But there is a fisheye effect at the sides of the displays.



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