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Updater hangs on "Shutting the torrents down."

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I've had this problem intermittently with the DCS updater, finally decided to report it.


Symptoms: When a DCS version update is available, the updater runs, downloads the update files, then hangs on "Shutting down the torrents," with the progress bar at around 10% (as per screenshot). I can force quit the updater and DCS launches as normal, successfully updated.


This bug does not impact my use or enjoyment of DCS, but I figured it might be useful to report.


autoupdate log as follows. Lots of INFO lines about updated files, then on line 6100:


INFO : Installed 3000 files.

STATUS: Installing runtimes...

STATUS: Cleaning up...

STATUS: Cleaning up...

STATUS: Successfully updated to

STATUS: Shutting the torrents down...

INFO : Kill timer set to 30 seconds...

INFO : Torrents have been shutdown in time.

INFO : Kill timer reset.




I have saved the file in case folks want more info.


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