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Looking for easy but fun missions/ campaigns


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I am no expert with a-10c. and no intention to become an expert

I just want to have fun flying and using some mavericks, lgb etc

I play missions labels on (sometimes)


Can you suggest some freeware or payware missions- campagins?

i have nevada map so theatre doesn't matter.

FC3 | UH-1H | Mi-8MTV2 | A-10C II | F/A-18C | Ka-50 | F-14A/B | F-16CAH-64D

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The 16-2 Red Flag is a lot of fun so far. I'm only on mission 6 but's it's going well.

It's not too hard as long as you can find the targets fairly quickly. You have to be careful getting too close to SAMs, but they're all SHORAD so far. (SHOrt Range Air Defence)


Other than that, maple flag missions are now downloadable through the DCS store.

Their Basic Flight Training Campaign shouldn't be too difficult, but I think it's more geared for serious pilots looking to master the aircraft.


You can always peruse the missions subforum, there's always somebody posting A-10C missions. Making them yourself is never a bad plan, the only trouble is you'll know where everything is, and what surprises await. I sometimes make a mission and don't fly it for a few months, until I've forgotten how I made it. that helps a bit with that problem.

A simple mission with a few triggers (to tell you you've won, for example) a few targets moving around, or an artillery battalion bombarding a friendly town (my go-to because it feels much more "alive") will only take about 30 minutes to an hour to set up if you keep it simple.


I might have a few simple missions like that kicking around if you'd like me to post a couple.

You can also take a look at the ED store campaign page here.


A YouTuber named Bunyap Sims does some campaign playthroughs and watching a mission or two can give you a good feel for how involved you can expect it to be.


Other than that, just have fun with this beautiful aircraft ED has made for us.:thumbup:

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I'm certainly no expert as well and, in fact only fly solo missions right now until I gain more advanced systems knowledge and comm experience.

I think the first questions I would have for you (or anyone who fit your description and intents) are;


What level of experience and knowledge of the systems do you have? I'll assume by your visable profile you can handle the aircraft (Startup, Taxi, Takeoff, basic VFR, Landing).

What about the Radios, can you work between the different VHF AM and FM radios to contact and interact between the various resources available?

What about the CDU, can you navigate and create waypoints, markpoints? Can you accept external JTAC intel and manually enter data relating to Bullseye and MGRS coordinates, and then fly to those points?


If you can do those things perhaps consider several of these missions:


JTAC Live Range (by Speedbrake, available @ DCS UserFiles - Downloads - Free)

JTAC Night Range (by Speedbrake, available @ DCS UserFiles -Downloads - Free)

A-10C JTAC Missions (by Speedbrake, available @ UserFiles - DCS Downloads - Free)


I liked these because they're short, employ the weapons I enjoyed and introduced JTAC to me. I also appreciated them because it was a starting point to learn about editing the missions to add other variables such as 'Unknown Bad Guys', day/night, weather, etc.


Operation Bactria (MP COOP 14), Afghanistan CAS (by Habu23, available @ DCS UserFiles - Downloads - Free)



For the more experienced, this one is a blast because there are random taskings you get assigned to once you get to one of 4 IPs. After completing the task you return to the IP and are assigned another tasking. Although it is a multiplayer mission, you can do it on your own in the privacy of your own war room. No Air Refueling required but it is available if you want to take that step. Watch your weapon loadouts and fuel; your friends need help and you're the man (or woman) they depend on!


Good luck, enjoy!

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