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Couple of YouTube channels


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Not affiliated with either of these guys channels in any way, however, as an aviation nut, I like them both.


I'm sure they'd welcome views from our community and other aviation nuts, so check them out and see if you enjoy as much as I do...





Aircrew Interview - In depth interviews (sometimes live Q&A) with pilots and aircrew https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UJNsNRmZq4uqI3vJ3S5ow


Fast Jet Performance - Current RAF Hawk T2 Instructor and sometimes motivational speaker ;-)


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There's also "iusedtogomach"


This is my favorite video by him, taking a legacy hornet to 1.77 mach in a dive. He has quite a few interesting HUD tapes on his channel.



DCS modules are built up to a spec, not down to a schedule.


In order to utilize a system to your advantage, you must know how it works.

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