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Wheres KB release switch ?


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However, see also


First post updated! These are the currently done fixes to be added in the next patch. It will likely be a little bit longer by the time the patch hits.


  • Corrected fourth BK90 not launching.

  • Corrected distanceline not showing when Bk90 selected and approaching target from east (as shown in xxJohnxx’s video)

  • Disconnect from server with many Viggens fixed

  • Removed log spam

  • Fix to sidewinder-fast select shooting other weapon as well

  • Added High pressure shut off option for HOTAS throttles

  • Corrected error where AKAN firing cue was shown exactly 1 second early

  • Changed default safe height setting to medium.

  • Weapon not being usable after rearm fixed.

  • Added ground-crew weapon-selector switch position in kneeboard.

  • Fixed NAVSYST-error b/o initial heading setting bug

  • Inverted Maverick sight Y-axis

  • Fixed E-W on FLI-ball

  • Added rejoin command into comm.

  • Fixed comm lua

  • Removed shadow hotfix.

  • Disallow AFK to use Ground-idle.

  • Removed turning FM off when pilot is dead/ejected.

  • Fix to pop-up distance interpreting 1__ as 0.1km instead of 10.0km.

  • Implemented more correctish ballistic calculations for high-drag bombs.

  • KB Release mode switch is now clickable (may not function correctly yet)

  • Cockpit: corrected front canopy gap in front canopy rim

  • Stiffened front wheel suspension

  • Radar sees late unit activations issue fixed

  • Fixed formation light floating in air if outer wing ripped off

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