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Nav lights opaque

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Hi everybody. I come for a friend who's nav lights are looking like so on his computer:



Clearly they are too bright/big/awkward.

He reinstalled DCS and it didn't help (see how much it is bothering him? :p )

Anybody familiar with this problem ? I searched the forum in vain.

Any help appreciated !



Edit: Just found this post....


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this is not a problem, this is how the lights in DCS are at the moment


tell him to use the dimm position or to download this here:https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2026371/


no, that's a problem with the Mirage


correct 3D models of ED use 3 cross-planes for 1 nav-light spot (and anti-k light spots too)

the mirage models use 9 planes for 1 nav-light spot - just like the most of the aircrafts in FSX

honestly, i dont know how Razbam did not recognize that problem coz modders already deleted those 6 not necessary planes per spot more than a year ago - what is a perfect solution instead of the dimmed texture "fix"


there are few other perfect (and more better) solutions to update that effect but i wont specify those now

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