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[FIXED] Viggen RAT ?

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I was confused by the description of the function. It extends when there is weight on the front wheel? I thought it was for redundancy during landing if the engine died. Should it be weight OFF the front wheel?


I think it extends when on the ground due to the fact that it is hydraulically operated. It opens so that it will be open when the aircraft is shut down. The RAT bay houses among other things the oxygen fill port.

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Yes it's seems like a absent minded conscript flight engineer put the wires from the RAT into the battery instead of the main line. Fix is in our internal build. Thanks for the reports!


Thanks RagnarDa for assigning the cable to the correct bus, now the RAT delivers power while engaged! :thumbup:


Kind regards,



BTW: there is another thread about the wrong behavior while taking off, which you might wanna take a look at: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=259447

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Hi guys,


Just wanted to know if the Ram Air Turbine was modeled ? It should be visible when the Viggen is on the ground (or during an emergency use...). I can't see it.


Thanks for your help,


More than three years after my post, I am back flying with the Viggen and I can finally thank the devs for having implemented this device !! It is never too late…:smilewink:

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