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[GUIDE] Traffic patterns, radio navigation and approach


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great read:book::thumbup: Thx.

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Thank you very much for your very informative and well written document. The pictures are of great quality.





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Many thanks excellent


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[OCG] Oceanic Combat Group


"Through The Inferno"

by deadlyfishes


Official Australian Servers


SRS: All Servers have Auto-Connect Enabled


Server 1: TTI Caucasus

Server 2: TTI Persian Gulf

Server 3: OCG Training

Server 4: OCG NTTR & Multiplayer Missions


Australian Website

AU Discord Server

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Great stuff MikeMikeJuliet, added to my growing aviation library.

Modules NOT currently in my hanger


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Thanks I copied it to my iBooks to be printed out and placed in one of the training books for my library I’m building to simulate military ground school, intital flight training for both fixed and rotary wing then the basic qualification phase followed by advance techniques and specialized phased training for each. That includes the aircraft procedures, comm procedures pattern procedures emergency procedures and any other procedures that I feel are being taught all the way to chief instructor pilot.

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It has been a long, long time, but I've finally managed to rework the whole document. New link is in the OP. Have a gander and send a message here or on Discord (I'm on ED discord if you need me). The document undoubtedly still need some tweaking and I know of a few small inclusions that did not make the cut at this point (vacation calls!), but should suffice for most of your VFR and IFR -needs.




DCS Finland | SF squadron

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