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Electrical Grid / DCS world Caucasus

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Yeah, there's a wishlist thread...



The way streetlights work right now, is that because it would wreck your processor to calculate thousands and thousands of light sources in real-time (unlike Arma, where you are generally only looking at small areas at a time and the map is a fraction of the size of the Caucasus region) at night time a different set of ground textures swap in which have the lighting pre-rendered.


Seems like it would be feasible to swap back sections to their standard non-lit textures as a building is destroyed. I think features like this are going to be a long time coming though, the team has too many other major projects...


No sense in investing a lot of time on features for an engine that is due to be replaced this year. When 2.5 is finally out the door though I think this would be a neat feature, especially as the view from the ground improves for Combined Arms players.

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