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Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams (VFAT) 2006

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I still have the issue with the disappeared Numbers and "Red Stars"!???


Any suggestions?


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If anyone can post a link to the comms from the Virtual Thunderbirds I would like to get a copy of the audio only, so that I can make an avi with the comms and track together.


A couple pages back in this thread, post #88, PSV_manu put together a movie with the comms. If you don't come up with any better source for the comms, I guess you could strip the sound off his movie. Or maybe PSV_manu will be nice enough to give you a copy of his recording of the comms.

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So we would be very pleased, if you could send us your tracks or sound recordings from the Teamspeak as far as possible.



Thanks to Mr. Gates..:mad:


My cockpit track of the PSV display has gone to nirwana.:sad_2:

the "MS06-071: Sicherheitsupdate für Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0"

rebooted my PC just seconds after i hit the "save track" button.

and i thought, that the "never install windows updates without asking" option should work as promised...:ranting:

blibet suber!




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I'm sure someone has the comms from TS recorded. Just cracks me up you guys want to use it! ...but at the same time kind of cool. There are plenty of real Thunderbird comms (audio tracks) available for download from our website if someone wants to hear those: www.virtualthunderbirds.com/audio.html


We had some issues with timing during the show, but on the other hand we were pretty pleased with how the Delta Roll went. It's one of the toughest maneuvers along with the Line Abreast Breakaway Loop. Just like with any show though, a few things here and there, overall felt pretty good... You just don't ever get that perfect show!:pilotfly:


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Hey Gents, :)


We've published our screenshots on our website. Enjoy:



I will also upload the voice recordings from nearly the whole saturday evening in the next days! :)


Sorry for the troubles with the Airshow Modification... I experience the problems, too... Looks like there was some kind of error in it...


pic_2059.jpg pic_2039.jpg pic_2008.jpg pic_2000.jpg pic_1967.jpg

Kind regards,


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I still have the issue with the disappeared Numbers and "Red Stars"!???


Any suggestions?


What aircraft you need to check what you have put in to Modman there is probaly more than one nomera file and modman is using the last one installed just use the file by file box to see which is installed


CNCs and Laser engravers are great but they can't do squat with out a precise set of plans.

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