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Black Shark 2 installation problem

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Hi, maybe someone could help me:


I've got this installation file, which I downloaded from Eagle.ru - file name:

KA-50_1.2.16.39472.729-424 - when I try to install it into removable disk folder G:/program files etc. I get this message:


"Can't install KA-50 into newer DCS World Please, download KA-50 installer.


What do I have to do to make this work?



Eugenio Taliana

thanks in advance for your help.

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If a key is valid, you shouldn't pay twice.


You cannot download installers. All module installations are installed through Module Manager in DCS.


Log in into DCS store and check the serial number, and if it is not bound to your game account already, bind it.


When you start DCS, open module manager. Module manager should already have info of a new module, so you can install new module from there.


If not, somehow, enter your Black Shark 2 key into appropriate field within Module Manager and then proceed as instructed. I cannot recall exact steps, but I hope this helps.

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but doing that don't I have to pay again?


No; a better way to look at it is, the Module Manager is activating your previous download. You have a key for activation in the confirmation email. Once you start DCS and click on Module Manager, it will execute automatically and ask you for the key, and from there, it will load and activate the module.

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