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New clickable radio menu ? and the wish....


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Todays video about Viggen interdiction Wags showed how did He click the radio menu with mouse.


And I was first happy to see a long time wanted feature to come, but then I realized that the best way still would be to put that radio menu as list or circle (pie) menu that is possible to be gone through via 8-way hat or up/down/left/right (4-way) to get in/out and do selections?


Then it would allow to not just to use function keys, a mouse cursor or a VR headset, but as well a HOTAS hats or even a different motion controllers when you could easily press button to open/close menu, use a 4 or 8 buttons to go in/out and execute the selection!


It would be super easy to just use stick/throttle to go around without using mouse or keyboard at all!

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