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Mission 10 - Convoy escort


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I played Mission 10

I reached the convoy and they started to move.

after this point nothing happened. it took me about 2 hours to get thiskanvili with this turtle speed convoy.

i didin't come across any threads.

after i reached thiskanvili, an announce was said "patrol the area 5 km" or something like that.

and mission never ended. my fuel ran out.

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Did you contact the convoy over the F10 menu or did they start on their own?

Or maybe it was a problem with the Hind AI. Once the convoy is moving, the commander should tell the Hind to recon the area in front of you (the message you received at Thiskanvili).



I did not have any problem with the triggers in this mission and I think it was one of the more interesting missions of this campaign - at least when you play it for the first time. The replayability of this mission might be a bit low because...like you mentioned, the convoy is moving a turtle speed. So you're flying close to "hover" and you have to pay attention to not get into a vortex.

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