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Request for enhancements to the Updater program


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- State the current version and what new versions are available to allow user to update only when ready


- State major system minimum requirements changes for an update that unless met are known to cause a game crash or cause the game not to start such as memory, directx, etc.


- Check for and do not start upgrade if minimums do not exist on system. Actually check for GPU's capabilities for example directx not just checking the Operating System since currently Directx 11 is in Windows 10 but the highest the GPU supports is Direst 10. Also check physical memory and state what's found


- Have a setting to never check for updates again and also to reset back to check for updates. Reason, a user's system may not meet min requirements and knows that an update will break use of game and will not be able to afford new HW until sometime in the future.


- When the Updater starts and detects an update is available, create the ability to separately update the updater then check for other updates. Have a dialog box to allow the user to select any or all updates so the user can walk away and allow the Updater to do all tasks.


- Ask the user if they wish to start game after all updating tasks have completed or don't automatically start the game after the upgrade. You can ask the user this questions on the using a check box on the same dialog box as the list of updates to install.


I have seen many updaters for other application or families of applications do many of these. (ie: Apple updater on Windows is one of many examples that do some of the above)





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- When a new Update is Available, it states current version and newest version


- System Requirements havent Changed since 1.5/2.0 launched, they are clearly stated on module and DCS Download Pages


- The updater Updates, not verifies your system components, and even so, most "scanning" programs report false specs due to power saving modes and embedded graphics etc, its less hassle for everyone involved if the user knows his specs and knows the min. requ.


- Dont Launch DCS w/ the Default DCS_Updater.exe shortcut, instead launch w/ the DCS.exe File (Create a New Shortcut)


- They are Separate AFAIK, it will say new version of updater is available, w/ option to proceed, then new version of DCS is avail. update/later options.


- Running DCS_Updater.exe Separately and Manually updates the Game without launching DCS.




as for the rest (ie specific Versions):




Windows 10 Pro, Ryzen 2700X @ 4.6Ghz, 32GB DDR4-3200 GSkill,

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