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Clone in zone...

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Eh guys. One of the disadvantages of me returning is that I'm going to be full of noob questions all over again. Please be patient.


Short version is I'm working with MIST again (can't get my head around MOOSE) and playing around with how to get things to clone, and teleport etc. No problem with that- the documents are very easy to follow and I'm cloning and teleporting like a mofo. From 0 to 1000 infantry in 10 seconds all over hell's half acre (Abkhazia)... easy as oil cake.


I saw an interesting remark about cloning in zone as opposed to teleporting since it allowed you to only format one group that you could just repeat as necessary. I like that idea.


Drawback so far as I can tell is that when we clone it's dynamically generated groups and I'm not sure I can get the JTAC can be tasked with spotting them... is that the case?




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