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"AW" All Weather squadrons


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Hi all,


I was browsing thru Wikipedias list of active F/A-18 squadrons and I found the VMFA(AW)-224 with a mission statemet that says

Attack and destroy surface targets, day or night, under the weather;  conduct multi-sensor imagery reconnaissance; provide supporting arms  coordination; and intercept and destroy enemy aircraft under all-weather  conditions.

Apperently the "all weather"-part is significant, hence the "(AW)" in the squadron's designation. That got me thinking.

1. What do other squadrons do in bad weather, do they just not fly? That seems unlikely... But why this special designation then?


2. Is the bad weather aspect the reason all the AW-squadrons use the two seater version of the F/A-18? Because flying in bad weather is more challenging and doing recon/bombing requires an extra pair of eyes?

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