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AN/AAR-47 Missile Approach Warning System

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AAR-47 nomenclature

AN/AAR-47A(v)2 or AN/AAR-47B(v)2 Missile Warning Set (MWS)

-Operational Flight Programs (OFP) 30.41 and 30.50

-Control indicator software versions 1.00-1.02

-Sensore software loads 1.03-1.04


Sensor FOV

intercardinal headings (45,139,225,315), 90 deg FOV


Integrated Optical Sensor Converters (IOSCs), Countermeasure Signal Processor (CP), Control Indicator (CI)


CP location and purpose

left E-bay, receives and processes MW and LW signals from IOSCs and sends signal to CMDS if criteria is met


IOSC apertures

-MW optics collects UV radiation and filters out photons of the wrong wavelength

-Photodiode detects the signal from low power Beam rider, Range Finder, and Designators

-High Angular Resolution Laser Irradiance Detector provides angle of attack

-Adjunct Detector works with blanking circuitry to protect from saturation during periods of intense in band radiation


Difference between IOSC versions

B(v)2 has an additional capability to detect noise patterns in UV clutter (tonal noise). it subtracts such tonal noise and evaluates the cleaned-up signal for the presence of an attacking IR missile


how many laser threats can be displayed at one time



what is displayed for laser threats

"LW" and azimuth of highest priority, compass rosette indication (up to 3), Threat classification (R, D, BR) of highest priority, LW uniques aural warning


What is displayed for Missile threats

"MW" and relative azimuth quadrant angle indication, Quadrant arrow indication MW unique aural warning


what is displayed for hostile fire

OFP 30.41: "HFI", quadrant indiction on rosette (multiple little lines), HFI unique aural warning

OFP 30.50: same except "RKT" or "GUN" depending


Threat priority

Beam Rider, Missile threat, Laser Designator, HFI (rockets then guns for OFP 30.50), Range Finder


What is displayed for blanking

OFP 30.41: "# BLNK" with large arrow removed from rosette for blanking sensor

OFP 30.50: "B" with large arrow removed from rosette for blanking sensor


clutter indication

reports average UV in band noise for each sensor, updated every 5 seconds, shows 4 sensors at 3 possible levels "L" low, "M" Medium, "H" High


how many MW events can be logged




O-Level Function Test: end to end test, requires support equipment



O-Level Sensitivity Test: tests sensitivity of IOSCs, requires support equipment


how to hear all tones?

OFP 30.50 only, use "TONE TST?" in bit -a little "t" will appear in front of all warning types


ready screen for OFP 30.41



ready screen for OFP 30.50

"HCL RDY" depending on what is on, Laser automatically on, H&C can either turn on individually or choose "ALL ON?" in bit


types of flares

MJU-32/B or MJU-32A/B, MJU-38/B OR MJU-38A/B (jets), MJU-49/B, SM-875 sim flares


Equipment Warm-Up Times:

AN/AAR-47 Missile Approach Warning System

20 Seconds


wavelength of laser the Missile Approach Warning detects



Types of HFI that the AAR 47 detects

Type 1-tracers


(Does NOT detect type 2, balls (no tracers))



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