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Calibrating warthog slew control in windows


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Hi guys, I have just received my new hotas warthog (directly from gillemot btw ;) ) and after testing a bit the slew control in the windows gaming devices panel it was a bit hard to control (I read that it behaves this way everywhere before purchasing so nothing I didnt expect) BUT, I decided to use the calibrating function of this windows panel...surprisingly, after calibrating the thing, its working A LOT better now :), much less "crazy" sensitivity and better side to side traveling.


Also did the calibration for the whole hotas (which is something I never read in the net so not sure if its right to do it or not) and all seem to be working fine so I decided to post it just in case you can try it and "maybe" improve the slew control... I edited the "cap" used in the A-10C slew axes and its working quite well.


Let me know if it improves for you and if its ok to calibrate in windows the warthog. :thumbup:

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